Philadelphia City Rowing connects with students and teaches them teamwork, dedication and leadership.

“This was the first time I had been outside of the Philadelphia area and seeing another big city was an eye opening experience.” –Maggie Saloman, Tacony Academy `15
“Had PCR not taken the college tour, I never would have seen the beautiful, sloping hills that the campus sprawls across or heard about the two faculty members who worked on the Human Genome Project- which is ineffably amazing for a student who wishes to become a geneticist. Without the tour, the question of where I wished to attend college would have remained largely a shrug and an indifferent grunt.” -Kyle Wilson, Masterman, `16
“I’ve learned a lot about healthy eating, applying to college, using the things you learn in sports in your career, and how to achieve success.” –Michael Palamountain, Central ‘13
“I’ve learned to never give up. I’ve gotten stronger. I’ve become a better leader as well as a better follower.” - Uriah Myers-Doyle, Central ‘13
“I wanted to try something new that none of my friends were doing. This program gave me the opportunity to do that. My favorite thing about PCR is the racing. I like the excitement and interacting with my teammates.” – Tara Abbott, Creative and Performing Arts ‘14
“PCR is like a second family to me. We’re all committed to the sport.” – Aimee Noel, Parkway Center City ‘13
“I think the mentor relationship is so important. I absolutely love my mentor. It’s nice to have someone to talk to and know that they’ve gone through the same things as me.” - Aimee Noel, Parkway Center City ‘13
“I’ve learned to become committed to something not just for my own benefit, but for the benefit of others as well.” - Katie Morucci, Creative and Performing Arts ‘11
“My favorite thing is coming together as a team and pushing each other, but I've also learned that I need to push myself. That no one is going to do the work for me.” -Lindsay Fisher, Masterman ’13
“Knowing that I can do whatever I put my full effort into has made me a harder working, more motivated person.” -Lindsay Fisher, Masterman ’13
“The moment that stick out to me the most is the time when we were running back from the Art Museum steps, and it began to rain. Running in that rain made me realize how dedicated we were. I loved it.” -Stephanie Hodges, Masterman ‘13
“My favorite things about rowing are my teammates, the sense of accomplishment you get after a practice and knowing that I am becoming a better athlete.” -Nona Sharp, Central ‘14
“I saw PCR as the opportunity of a lifetime to have an unforgettable experience. I’ve learned that hard work is essential to success. Since I began rowing, I feel more confident, I feel stronger, and I feel free.” - Randell Daniels, Parkway Center City ‘11
“I’ve learned to push myself harder and never settle for less, because I know I can achieve more!” –Zoe Jamison, Academy at Palumbo ‘11
“I joined PCR because I always wanted to be an athlete, and PCR was the first program to give me that opportunity. I never had gym class, so I feel like I’ve had to work a little harder than the other girls, but it has paid off. At the end of a race, I feel so awesome about myself.” - Tayler Wilmore, World Communications Charter ‘12
“I have learned to never give up, because in those last minutes of a race you can go faster than you think. I have learned to try my best, because I never want to let my teammates down. Some people think it’s just a sport, but it’s more. It’s a lifestyle- my lifestyle.” -Eleanor St. John Sutton, Central ’14
“I’ve learned to be a team-player. I’ve learned it’s mostly mind over matter. I’ve learned to never give up.” -Morgan Marant, Science Leadership Academy, ‘13