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Weekend Recap: April 21, 2013

Currents and Tailwinds Produce Fast Times and Strong Performances at Flick #5

With 587 boats from 86 high schools, Manny Flick #5 was bigger than last year’s Dad Vail Regatta (560 boats)! Keeping that thought in mind, PCR extends a HUGE thanks to the PSRA, USRowing Referees, Officials, and all of the volunteers who made this regatta run seamlessly—now let’s get down to business!

Boys Varsity 2-

Seniors Michael Palamountain and Uriah Myers-Doyle started the day off for PCR rowing in a new event, the Boys Varsity Pair. Michael was out sick for most of the week, leaving few practices for the boys to work together. Despite this, the boys rowed an interesting race. After a rocky start leaving them in a distance 5th place, the boys executed a controlled and focused race, sprinting their way into 3rd place! If you happened to be watching this race, our boys were clearly outsized by Harriton and Radnor but the boys’ technique and resiliency is what will keep Uriah and Michael making these crews regret lining up against PCR. The boys will be hopping back into a 4+ this weekend for the Cooper Cup, but look for Coach Dana to be working with these boys in the pair leading up to City Championships!


(L to R: Michael Palamountain and Uriah Myers-Doyle, in the far lane, storming back on their competition in Manny Flick #5)

Boys Varsity 4+

The Boys Varsity 4+ came down the course shortly after the Pair. Evan Harper, who is somewhat new to stroke seat, led his boat mates Lester Johnson, James Garcia and Sabir Hossain down the course with a strong cadence, keeping PCR in contact in a tightly contested heat. With effective motivation from coxswain Gabe McGuoirk, the boys came in 4th place. Evan and Lester will be joining Uriah and Michael in the Varsity 4+ at the Cooper Cup this weekend with lightweights James and Sabir helping to power up the JV squad. 


(L to R: Gabe, Sabir, James, Lester and Evan cruising to a speedy 4th place finish in their flight)

Boys Novice 4+

After a 2nd place finish in Manny Flick #4, the Novice Boys were determined to earn their way back into the top spot in the last Manny Flick of the season. The Novice Boys 4+ Event was raced time trial style and PCR was the first boat off the line. Without anyone to hunt down, coxswain Amelia Ecker did a superb job of keeping her crew motivated, ensuring Kwabena, Chris, Taahir, and Thomas the first place finish they craved. This crew will be going into City Championships as the heavy favorites, so look for Coach Ryan to be looking for some extra speed to squeeze out of them, thereby ensuring that Amelia gets a nice victory dunk in the Schuylkill!

(L to R: Amelia, Thomas, Chris, Taahir and Kwabena get their crew back into the #1 spot at Manny Flick #5)

Boys JV 4+

The Boys JV 4+ ended the morning racing for PCR. Harold, Carmelo, Joseph and Jose, with Dylan in the coxswain seat, rowed in a three-way dog fight the entire way down the race course in their time trial, ultimately placing in 20th out of 23 teams. These boys have gained an abundance of experience and exposure this year, both in terms of technical rowing and seeing the dedication it takes to be successful in the flicks. Look for these boys to end the season strong and really step up and lead the team over the summer and into next year.

(L to R: Dylan, Jose, Joseph, Carmelo and Angelo keeping their composure and pushing ahead of the competition in the final sprint)

Girls Novice 4+

The excitement coming out of these 5 young ladies was palpable as they were getting ready for their first race…ever! These girls joined PCR this spring (true novices) and have overcome the giant learning curve rowing often demands, and for some, even learning how to swim so they could get into a boat to race in Manny Flick #5. Sydney, Nadirah, Suhaylah, Amelia and Tia rowed to an emotional 10th place finish. As Tia was calling a 10 to get her crew moving through the island, you could hear the girls counting together to help push each other through the final sprint. We hope these girls come back for more, they are big strong girls and will definitely add to the JV/Varsity squad next year!

The Girls Novice 4+ looked very impressive while getting their first race under their belts. We hope Coach Steve can get these girls to turn some heads come City Championship time in two weeks!

Girls Novice 8+

Next up for PCR was the Girls Novice 8+. The girls Novice 8+ results have pretty much been the same week after week, with the Mount coming in 1st, followed by PCR in 2nd and Merion Mercy in 3rd. It is important to note, however, that week-to-week, PCR is cutting into the Mount’s margin of victory little by little. This week, the girls shaved the lead down to 5 seconds. If Coach Zach and the Novice Girls keep this up, mathematically speaking, the Girls Novice 8+ race could be one of the more exciting races to watch as the Mount and PCR’s bow balls cross the wire.

(The Girls Novice 8+ continues to chip away at the Mount as they come through the Island in Manny Flick #5)

Girls JV 4+

The Girls JV 4+ suffered the loss of their cox box just as they reached the top of the river and were getting ready to spin for their race. As nerve racking as this can be, Ashley, Eleanor, Oriana, Summer, and Darya maintained their composure and relied on their strong boat chemistry to place 7th out of 29 crews. These girls have proven over the last few weeks that they are ready, willing and able to row with best (and be the best); we are excited to watch them put their heads down and focus the next two weeks as Coach Nicole prepares them for City Champs.

Girls JV4+ (L to R): Ashley, Eleanor, Oriana, Summer & Darya relying on trust and instinct to overcome a dead cox box and place 7th of 29 in a competitive field)

Girls JV 8+

Fearless. In what could arguably be the most impressive race for PCR, the Girls JV 8+ rowed to a 15th place finish out of 19 teams. If you are looking at this boat and thinking it looks familiar, this is Coach Zach’s 2nd Novice boat! These girls definitely got a taste of what is like to row with the big girls, and they showed the competition that PCR is going to have a fleet of JV girls next year pounding on their door. Hopefully this was a big confidence builder for these girls as they get ready for City Championships…we’re still hoping for 2 PCR boats on the medal docks for the Girls Novice 8+ event!

(Girls 2nd Novice 8+ sends a big message to the PSRA while competing in the Girls JV 8+ race in Manny Flick #5)

Girls Varsity 2x

Last but certainly not least were PCR Seniors and Co-Captains, Anna Kohler and Imani Johnson in the Girls Varsity 2x. These girls may need to start a pre-race ritual of flipping during practice (like they did this past week) because we think it helped them end the day with a big win for PCR! With no clear victor until the final strokes, Anna and Imani rowed a technically sharp race and were able to dig deep and find another gear that allowed them to secure 1st place in the final strokes of the race. If Anna and Imani keep steadily improving like they have been, we think they can surprise a lot of people in two weeks time!

 (L to R: Imani and Anna are able to pull out an extra gear to move past the competition and secure 1st place in the last race of the day for PCR)

Thanks for all your support and don’t forget PCR is racing in the Cooper Cup (Camden, NJ) this weekend and City Championships the following weekend!