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Weekend Recap: April 7, 2013

PCR Returns from Spring Training with Impressive Performance at Manny Flick #3

PCR was anxious to get back on the water and see where they stacked up against the rest of the PSRA following spring break; training twice-a-day on the water while many of their classmates went on vacation, or at least took an actual break from their busy lives! Despite a gruesome headwind making conditions downright miserable at times, all PCR crews put in tremendous performances!

Last time we checked, the lane numbers were supposed to drop straight down, and what are those waves doing on a river?!

Novice Boys 4+

Third Flick was the charm for Coach Ryan Rickus and his Novice Boys, who were finally able to make their PSRA debut in the Boys Novice 4+. No shoulder injury, Septa delays, or headwind could stop this crew from getting to the starting line on Sunday. Coxswain Amelia Ecker was able to keep her boat in perfect alignment, making PCR one of the few crews who were able to execute a clean start, jumping the competition from the GO! command. 

The boys were the epitome of determination; laying back into the brutal headwind and sending their bow across the line in 1st with a cushioned 6.77 margin of victory over 2nd place. This race was a great indicator for Coach Ryan and his squad as they put their focus on the medal dock at City Championships in May.

Boys Novice 4+ Crew


L to R: Chris, Nacef, Thomas, Amelia, Amir & Coach Ryan

Boys Lightweight 4+

While headwinds and lightweights typically don’t go hand-in-hand, the Boys Lwt 4+ realized that all six lanes were facing the same battle of the elements. The crew dug down and reminded us what true grit really means, rowing to a 4th place finish in a competitive lightweight field. Stroke James Garcia mentioned that approaching the last 500 meters, coxswain Shanel Hill used her racing instincts well, calling an effective “recommitment 20” which got their boat refocused and moving cleanly through the wind and chop, putting them back in contact with the pack. We look forward to seeing what these boys can do in some cleaner water in the upcoming weeks!


Boys Lwr 4+ L to R:James, Ivann, Harold, Sabbir, and Shanel

Moments before taking their recommitment 20

Boys Varsity 4+

The Boys Varsity 4+ ended the morning racing for PCR. With a clean, aggressive start, PCR jumped out on the other crews, but the bigger Father Judge had more muscle and body to throw into the headwind and was able to gain a slight lead on PCR. PCR fought with them stroke for stroke, refusing to relinquish the lead. Coming into the last 500 meters, it was anyone’s race: Father Judge had a slight lead with Belleville making a big move in Lane 1, sneaking into 2nd place. Father Judge, Belleville, and PCR held these positions through the finish line. The boys were frustrated coming off the water, sighting set issues and poor conditions; but, after being reminded that Judge & Belleville raced in the same conditions, the boys recognized that those two crews handled the mental and physical challenges of the choppy conditions better and deserved the victory. It’s back to work for these guys, training in small boats to improve their technical precision and power.

Boys V4+ (L to R): Gabe, Lester, Evan, Molp and Uriah  

“Rough conditions” was an understatement on Sunday!

Novice Girls 8+

Afternoon racing kicked off with PCR A and B boats going head-to-head in the Girls Novice 8+ event. With Mount St. Joseph’s and Merion Mercy in the race, this was a guaranteed barnburner! The Mount was able to secure a comfortable lead from the start, mastering the conditions with poise. Right behind the Mount, there was a real dog fight for 2nd through 4th place with PCR A, Merion Mercy, and PCR B all connected and throwing powerful 10s left and right at each other.

The crews raced this way through the wire and the grandstands, with PCR A claiming 2nd followed by Merion in 3rd and PCR B in 4th. Having two competitive crews is every coach’s dream, and Coach Zach certainly has a lot of options with his fleet of novice girls. If these girls continue to work hard, it would be really cool to see two PCR boats on the medal docks come City Championships…no pressure Coach Zach!

The dog fight between PCR B (closest to shore), Merion Mercy, and PCR A as the crews approach the top of the island! Wowza!


Close-up of PCR B in the final sprint.  

PCR A unleashes a solid sprint to pull ahead of Merion & PCR B.

Girls JV 4+

 With a new line-up and an “expect anything” attitude, the Girls JV 4+ made their way to the top of the river, ready to push their way down the race course. Darya, Summer, Oriana, and Eleanor, with Ashley in the coxswain’s seat, surprised everyone, including themselves, when they jumped the rest of the field right off the start!

Being able to see their competition struggling in the rough water was all the motivation our girls needed to maintain a sizeable, 17 second lead through the finish. This was a big win for the women; look for them to gain confidence and speed from this stellar performance over the next few weeks!


Girls JV4+ (L to R): Ashley, Eleanor, Oriana, Summer & Darya

Girls Varsity 2x

Last but certainly not least were PCR Seniors and Co-Captains, Anna Kohler and Imani Johnson in the Girls Varsity 2x. This race counted as their first practice and first race in the double! Despite the lack of practice time, the ladies put down a solid effort for a 4th place finish. Look to see big improvements out of Anna and Imani, especially considering these international jet-setters had recently returned from Austria and Japan respectively and were still coping from jet lag (not that we’re jealous or anything)!

Imani in stroke and Anna bow pre-race.

All smiles after their ace, they didn’t flip or get swamped!

Thanks for all your support and we hope you can come down for Manny Flick #4 this Sunday!