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Weekend Recap: May 5, 2013

Philadelphia City Championships

In only our third year of competitive racing, PCR entered 10 boats at the Philadelphia City Championships, with 5 boats making it through to the finals and 2 coming home with silver medals.

Boys Novice 2x

The first crew to shove off the dock for PCR was Senior Nacef Guessaymi and Sophomore Thomas Jeffcoat in the Boys Novice Double. Despite having only one practice (EVER!!) in the double before City Championships, these boys set the mindset for the entire PCR team—grit and determination. The boys wound up finishing 8th out of 12 crews, a tremendous accomplishment for their 2nd time in a double. More important than their respectable finish was the great adaptability and true team spirit Nacef and Thomas demonstrated by going into a new boat, racing beyond their comfort zone, and putting in a great effort. Way to go boys!

(Novice Boys Double making their way up towards the starting line)

Boys Novice 4+

The Boys Novice 4+ came in as the team to beat at City Championships. In the Time Trials, the boys and their coxswain Amelia, raced a very controlled race, placing 5th and advancing to the finals (only the top 6 fastest times advanced to the afternoon finals). This crew was ready to execute their race plan and finish the season a strong note; however, with the floating starts and inevitable confusion at the start of the race, PCR’s started down on the other crews. Any spectator could see all five boat members pouring their hearts in to the race; however, they were unable to make up the ground they lost at the start, becoming little frantic with the realization of what was unfolding. PCR’s Novice 4+ wound up placing 5th in the final, which is still a tremendous effort. Sometimes in racing, we learn more from the losses than the victories; Amir, Kwabena, Chris, Taahir, and Amelia were dealt a tough lesson, but one that will help them grow as teammates and make them stronger as they join the JV/Varsity squad next year. 

(L to R: Amelia, Taahir, Kwabena, Chris and Amir rowing to a 5th place finish in the final)

Girls Novice 8+

As promised, the Girls Novice 8+ race was quite the exciting race. In the morning time trial, PCR was successful in qualifying both PCR A and B boats into the afternoon final—I bet most teams would have been elated to have even one boat qualifying for the final, but we got two…way to go ladies! 

(Coach Zach giving the PCR B boat some last minute wisdom before they launch for the morning time trial)

In the final, both PCR boats raced spectacularly. In a tight field of racing, with no clear winner or medalists, emerging until the final 500 meters, PCR A was able to sprint through Germantown Academy to secure 2nd place and the PCR B boat raced to a competitive 6th place finish. Look for all 18 of these young women to make a big impact on the JV/Varsity team next fall!

(PCR A sprinting through Germantown Academy in the final)

(Is Coach Zach contemplating running away with all the medals?!?)

(PCR Girls Novice 8, City Champion Silver Medalists)

Girls JV 4+

The Girls JV 4+ knew that it was going to be a dog fight to qualify for the final in this competitive field; taking Coach Nicole’s advice, the girls raced an aggressive race to claim the 6th and final qualifying spot in the morning time trial. 

In the afternoon final, the girls had issues with a temperamental cox box, resulting in the girls being unable to hear Ashley’s calls through most of the race. While this can be a frustrating situation, the girls persevered and raced to a 6th place finish. Stroke seat Darya Nemati mentioned that while not being able to receive her coxswain’s guidance was difficult, she knew that her boatmates put everything they had into those 1500 meters, allowing them to walk away with no regrets. I bet some of us adults wish we could have as much wisdom and maturity in dealing with disappointment as these girls have with their spectacular mindset!  

(Do we think the matching socks helped them get in to the final?)

(L to R: Ashley, Eleanor, Oriana, Summer and Darya)

Boys JV 4+

The Boys JV 4+, consisting of coxswain Gabe McGuoirk, Joseph Mayes, Harold Johnson, Carmelo D’Angelo, and James Garcia placed 18th out of 24 boats in the morning time trial. Watching the crews coming down the course in the time trial, Coach Dana mentioned that the winning crews rowed like PCR stroke seat James Garcia (meaning they rowed technically well), but all 4 rowers were the size of 3 seat Carmelo D’Angelo (meaning they were big guys). While that can be tough feedback to swallow after a race, having watched these boys progress as technical oarsmen over the past few weeks has been amazing to witness. We hope we can keep all 5 of these boys working out and getting stronger over the summer so they can add a little bit more power to their stroke and give the competition a run for their money next year! Great job gentlemen!  

(L to R: Gabe, Joseph, Harold, Carmelo, and James rowing a strong technical race in the morning time trial)

Girls Varsity 2x

Next up for PCR was the Girls Varsity 2x with Senior Co-Captains Anna Kohler and Imani Johnson. These girls were dealt a tough hand, placing an agonizing 7th in the morning time trial, only 3.81 seconds out of qualifying for the afternoon finals. 

These girls learned “Time Trial 101”on Sunday, having to figure out the balance of not exhausting oneself in the morning time trial, but also making sure you’re going hard enough to solidify a qualifying spot for the final. Anna and Imani were clearly disappointed with the outcome; however, they learned a valuable lesson about racing that we are confident these girls will take with them to their college teams next year—the Franklin & Marshall Diplomats and Temple Owls, respectively. 

(L to R: Anna and Imani shoving off for their time trial)

(L to R: Imani and Anna coming through the final 20 strokes)

Girls V4+

Similar to the Boys Novice 2x, the Girls Varsity 4+ showed pure class on Sunday. This boat was put together to provide a senior with an opportunity to race; however, at the last minute, that athlete decided not to race. Luckily, Isaiah Thomas was able to step in and provide superb coxing for these ladies. 

Kyler, Marketta, Tia, Suhaylah, and Isaiah reminded us what it meant to be part of a team by going out and racing in a Varsity race (as very new novices) and placing 15th out of 16 crews. I know I speak on behalf of all PCR Coaches when I say that these 5 young adults reminded us of the traits we want to instill in all PCR athletes—the sense of accountability to oneself and one’s teammates and an attitude of selflessness, responsibility and determination. These 5 athletes definitely got brownie points in my books!  

(Cox Isaiah Thomas leading Suhaylah, Tia, Marketta and Kyler to a phenomenal performance in the V4+ Time Trial)

Boys V4+

With only one Junior in the boat (3 seat Lester Johnson), Senior Evan Harper led the charge, with the help of Senior coxswain Shanel Hill, for Lester and fellow Seniors, Ivann Anderson, and Sabbir Hossain in the Boys Varsity 4+ race on Sunday. In a very competitive event, the boys placed 17th out of 20.

(Boys V4+ shoving off for their race)

(L to R: Shanel, Sabbir, Ivann, Lester and Evan)

Boys Varsity 2-

Last but certainly not least were PCR Seniors Uriah Myers-Doyle and Michael Palamountain (Molp) in the Varsity Pair. This was a straight final race with only 3 boats; PCR being the smallest of the crews. Uriah and Molp raced to an aggressive 2nd place finish in only their 2nd race in the pair, cutting the margin from 22 seconds in Flick #5 to 8 seconds on Sunday against a solid Radnor HS duo. 

(Believe it or not, there are 2 people in this boat!)

(Now: Uriah and Molp with Coach Dana & his assistant, Charlotte)

(Then: Molp, Uriah & Dana- 2011 PCR City Champs Novice 8+)

Thanks for all of your support, look for PCR at Mid-Atlantics this Weekend and Stotesbury Next Friday!